Automatically discover, test, and protect all your APIs and sensitive data


Securing APIs is a daunting responsibility. APIs promise many benefits, but at the same time, many companies struggle to develop secure APIs.  

APIs are becoming the most frequent attack vector, while existing security solutions and API gateways remain insufficient.

Download this data sheet to learn how Imvision helps security leaders to easily protect all their APIs, without falling behind development cycles or leaving exposed vulnerabilities to chance.

Forget about poorly documented APIs, endless security configurations and lack of security awareness across the organization, and start scaling your API security today. 

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Finding patterns in API data using Word Embedding

How to map and protect the core business logic from functional attacks 

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6 questions to ask before choosing API security solution

Ask these questions when trying to select the right API security solution for you

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The CISO’s Guide to OWASP API Top 10

Read why most security pros fail with OWASP API Top 10, and what the best ones do differently